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Discover Zeeland

From Vlissingen you can easily explore the Zeeland area. Historic Middelburg, the medieval town of Veere, and attractions such as the Football Museum, Mini Mundi and the Delta Waterworks of Neeltje Jans and the barrier dams are readily accessible by bicycle, car, or train. Opportunities for water sports abound and nearby you can try wakeboarding, surfing and sailing. The beautiful and numerous beaches are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and hiking.

Opposite the hostel is a station served by Solar Train Zeeland, a very environmentally friendly solar-powered train. This train runs from the hostel to the city attractions and beaches. Discount Tickets are available at the reception desk of the hostel.

These and many others are reasons enough to visit the Vlissingen City Hostel and stay a few days to see what this city and the surrounding Zeeland area can offer.

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